WiFi Connection Setup- Browan Indoor Femto GW

WiFi Connection Setup- Browan Indoor Femto GW

WiFi Connection Setup- Browan Indoor GW

Browan indoor Femto GW wifi setup instruction:

  1. Connect the GW to your computer

  2. Connect with the GW wifi, appears as “AP-last 6 digits of the GW MAC”. Example: “AP-75D892”

  3. After connecting to the gateway WiFi, open your web browser and access the gateway WebUI via address “”. Default username is “admin” and password is "admin“.

  4. Login with Username: admin, Password: admin

  5. Go to the Network tab, select WAN option from the menu bar on the left side

  6. Select “Wireless Extender” from the top menu bar inside WAN page

  7. Set Extender mode to “enable

  8. Scan for available networks and select the one (SSID) you want the gateway connected with. Note- that SSID names with special characters and punctuation marks (like: Jim’s network) are not supported by the gateway.

  9. Most wireless networks have access security. Select Security: WPA2-PSK-AES Enter the network password for your WiFi network (KEY).

  10. Click SAVE. The gateway will save the new information and restart wireless.

  11. Refresh your screen.

  12. IMPORANT: As the gateway acts as a WiFi network extender, you can get Internet access by connecting to the gateway WiFi. To protect access, go to the Network menu, Wireless sub-menu, 2.4G Interface Configuration, and change encryption from “None” to “WPAWPPA2-PSK”. Enter a password under Key. Click Apply.